550/90 mins 

700 2 hours 

900/ 3 hours

This is  your Classic Girlfriend.

Perfect for newbies, folks craving traditional intimacy and a kick ass time. 



650/90 mins 

900/3 hours 

Ever wanted a Girlfriend to explore kinky things with ?

This is best for folks looking for light role play, porn star energy, intensity and explosions. 


60/hour PG-XXX video chat

-share a movie, a meal or sexy times 

Text /email packages -LINK here 

Long and Longer  Dates 

Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in an apparently irreversible succession from the past, through the present, to the future- it is also a lie. 

This is why I heavily prefer longer dates as I feel most myself when we are not bound to the march of time. 

All dates longer than 6 hours must provide a meal/snack with caffeinated beverage.  

 If we are meeting before 10am- an iced coconut latte is required. 

Slumber Party 

12 hours-  1200 

24 hours   2200 

(8 hours of sleep ) 

No Slumber Party 

12 hours 1500 

24 hours 2500 

(I am a powerhouse and

don't need sleep) 

 Want me longer?

Add 1k to each day  of

our initial date.  

 Anything longer than 2 days must be requested a week in advance. 

3 month, 6 month and Year Engagements 

Am I one of your favorites? 

If so- you know one of my values in consistency/stability in relationships.  

 The "ish" is because I am generous with my time to folks to value me.

Let's honour each other via reciprocity. 

You get 

- Kick Ass Time 

-First dibs on my busy schedule 

-Travel credit of $100 every  3 months 

Each can be paid monthly, quarterly or biannually. 

3 month- Includes  80ish hours of fun : 6,600

6 month-  490ish hours of fun 13,200

1 year 1000ish hours  27,000 


The word, omakase, means to entrust yourself to the chef.

 This offering is me at my best. It is  based around trust and established communication.    

 Available for 3 hours-3 weeks  I  create a bespoke and joyful experience that uses your likes/dislikes, our connection and my expertise to  give you the ultimate experience. 

This can also be what is colloquially  known as a Fly me to You,  a quick or luxurious  holiday,  or simply a cure for your common day. 

Some past adventures 

-Hiking in Iceland 

-Train rides through Germany 

-Burgers and Shakes and Stargazing 

-Farmers Markets and becoming Wood Nymphs in  BC. 

Clara Turing |Curvy Companion Seattle | New York