Oh Hello Curious Stranger !


Hopefully your curiosity is piqued by the strange and wonderful creature that is myself.


I am a domestic and international woman of mystery.


Seattle is my home base - but I have left more than a handful of cashmere scarves and silk underwear in a myriad of cities- like San Francisco, New York, Portland, DC, London, Paris, Tokyo and many more. 

I am east coast educated- I mention this not because it is a line of demarcation of myself with others but because I truly think it shaped parts of my personality like a skillful hand with butter sculptures.


Often my undergrad and grad schools are guessed by folks when they poke around and find out my politics but I will keep it a secret for the time being.


My time on the West Coast has chilled me out- making me almost a caricature- as I adore avocado toast, taking tinctures for anxiety, wear flannel and thrift store fur and use the term “no worries” multiple times a day.

The core of East Coast remains- making me crave salmon and lox at 4am (my kingdom for a bagel place in 500 miles of Seattle that isn’t terrible!) prizing direct communication, talking with bodega cats, and having very clear expectations of where to line up for the train.

See you Soon  



 My sense of humor- quick and dry (much like your masturbation session to my photos!) is an East Coast hallmark.

I am on the shorter side- 5'1, naturally curly hair that I never straighten, glasses that I only take off for business time reasons and a devious smirk that you will adore. 

My  body defines convention.  

36I non enhanced breasts, nipped waist and lower body built from decades of movement- most recently hiking in Norway and  hot Yoga at my favorite studio give me the dramatic curves made for wiggle dresses and corsets. 


 Although  most often I am found in A Line Dresses, cute shoes with a giant bag containing my computer, 2 books, 5000 pens and  my trusty journal. 


As a triple Aquarian- who doesn’t always believe in that type of thing, as an INFJ who also doesn’t always believe in that type of thing- I am most often found with my nose in a book about micro loans while wearing jewelry found at Bangkok side streets.


I also am highly involved with nerd things. If you recognize me it might be from old clip stores or it might just be because I used to work for numerous conventions.

I will never say no to a long night playing Pathfinder, Farcry or having you read me Ringworld while I bathe in perfumed oils.


I also think it is important to note- I talk fast, a natural raconteur and am highly effervescent and enthusiastic.


This can take folks by surprise since I think a lot of times online communication can be “super serious” business- so it can be a tad disconcerting when a whole person is a ray of sunshine in a bodysuit.

Clara Turing |Curvy Companion Seattle | New York